Podcast: Christopher Titus, “Sochi, So Sad”

Christopher Titus is one of my favorite comedians/social commentators. His stand-up is just so good, and I loved his network sitcom (which is probably why it got canceled – everything I love dies).

Titus has a weekly podcast, called, uh…Titus Podcast…during which he shares his take on current events, news stories, etc. His co-pilots, Bombshell Rae and Sideshow Tommy, add to the discussion (and comedy). The podcast tagline says it all: “Never Unbiased. Always Unbalanced.”

Last week’s podcast, “Sochi, So Sad”, was mostly about the craziness that is the 2014 winter games. The first 15 minutes or so are classic, brilliant Titus. After that, the podcast gets long and windy, but Titus and crew bring it home in the end.

Titus Podcast | Sochi, So Sad

There is some language in this podcast. It’s Titus – what do you expect?


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