Cough, Cough…Excuse Me, Your Rudeness Is Showing

Today, my son and I were sitting in the Imaging Center’s waiting room – my son needed to get some chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia. He was coughing (hence the need for the x-rays), but doing a great job of covering his mouth (coughing into his elbow, like we’ve been teaching him to do since he was a toddler).

A lady waiting for her own x-rays comes into the room and sits behind him. She hears him cough and asks me if he’s sick.

“Yes,” I said, “but he’s really good about covering his mouth.” As she could see, because he just did it.

“I’m just going to sit over here,” she says, moving as far across the room as she can. “Little kids don’t understand how germs spread.”

Uhh…excuse me? He’s covering his mouth, and she was sitting back-to-back with him, with the backs of two chairs separating them.

Following this pronouncement, her phone rings and she commences a rather loud conversation that probably should have waited until she was in a private setting, given what I could hear (i.e., everything she said).

I wanted to tell her that my 6-year-old, sitting quietly without disturbing anyone, has better manners than she. I’m just going to tell all of you instead.


2 thoughts on “Cough, Cough…Excuse Me, Your Rudeness Is Showing

    1. I feel like basic manners are lacking today. I often wonder if people are becoming used to the anonymity bubble that online interaction affords, and they carry it over into personal interactions – like, someone feels safe making rude comments online, and they forget to employ tact in real life because they’re used to not doing so online.

      Manners-up, people!

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