Vlog: You’re vs. Your

I decided to change things up a bit, so today’s post is a vlog (video blog).

Anyone who knows me knows that I get an eye twitch when people misuse (or misspell) common words. I visibly shudder if a writer uses the incorrect “they’re/there/their”. There is just no excuse for misspelling words on a computer – everything has spell-check – and lack of punctuation in a sentence makes me want to pull my hair out.

If you made it through elementary school, you should be able to use basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation correctly. I don’t understand how American adults can be so blasé about these things. If you don’t use basic elements of your native language correctly, it makes you look dumb. Who wants to look dumb?

For today’s vlog, I decided to focus on “your” versus “you’re”. I am genuinely flummoxed by the misuse of these words. They mean completely different things, and it’s not hard to remember which word means what. If you do find it confusing, don’t worry – I set you straight in the vlog.

It’s possible that you might feel this video is somewhat harsh. In it, I make several references to the correlation between misusing everyday words and looking like an idiot. If this level of honesty offends you, please don’t watch this video. This vlog is meant to point out how ridiculous it is that grown-ups can’t figure out which “your/you’re” to use when sending written words out into the world. If it offends you to hear me say that this is stupid, be glad you can’t hear what those who do know the proper ways in which to use these words are thinking upon seeing “your amazing” written on someone’s Facebook wall.


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