Chickens Are Cute Little A**holes

**Two blog posts today, because I’ve missed a bunch. Enjoy.**

The little chickies have been growing like crazy-pants. I swear, they’re visibly larger every day. We did a fun Easter photo shoot with our bunny-mommy friend:


Seriously. So cute.

But I learned something about chickens this week: they’re a-holes.

I busted four of the chicks literally pecking the tail feathers off Chick #5. They drew blood. There they were, four sweet, fluffy little chickens with bloodied beaks, and one with half her tail feathers ripped out and blood gushing from her ouchy butt.


What bitches.

Apparently, this type of behavior is typical for chickens. A friend said she calls her bullying chickens “Mean Girls”, after the movie. I watched our chicks for a few days, and have discovered the leader of our Mean Girls is one of our still-yellow Buff Orpingtons. Bitchy, bully, blonde…I’ve nicknamed her “Regina George”.

We got the poor, henpecked victim sorted out, and they all seem to be getting along now. I still love them, but I stay vigilant for signs of Mean Girls behavior.

‘Cause chickens are a-holes.



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