Wind Blows.

I wish it was possible to strangle the wind. Because right now, I’d do just about anything to make. It. Stop.

On a related note, this week, I learned that I’m allergic to a bunch of stuff, including but not limited to molds, trees, cats, and grasses. So…basically, everything that’s outside.

  1. I knew outside was terrible. This is exactly why I am an indoor cat.
  2. Wait, I guess I’m allergic to cats.
  3. I stand by point #1.

The wind here is crazy, albeit not tornado or scary storm-crazy (please pray for those affected by the terrible storms this week, as reported by Still, the wind has been strong enough to rattle windows, cancel outdoor activities, and stir up everything outside that comes in through my nasal passages and assaults my brain.

Excruciating headaches and face pain aside, I know the wind has a purpose, especially during springtime. The wind blows seeds and pollen around, allowing trees and plants to propagate, making spring and summer a beautiful wonderland. Wind does all kinds of things, some of which are probably good. But I’m not sure the excessively high speeds are necessary.

Much like a douche bag trying to convince others he’s cool by revving his car and driving super-fast, the gusty wind is annoying and trying too hard. We get it, Wind – you’re a big shot. Blowing around, knocking over trash cans, scattering the mulch we laid this weekend to all the corners of the earth outside our yard. We’re sooo impressed.

Now, could you knock it the heck off? It feels like my brain is trying to escape from my head through my face.


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