Mother’s Day Gifting, Wal-Mart Style


Nothing says, “Hey, Mom – you look old and tired,” quite like this:

Mother's Day, Wal-Mart Style


I was (unhappily) at a Wal-Mart the other day, and happened upon this display of “gifts” with which to “Celebrate Mom”.

First of all, why are you shopping for gifts for Mom at Wal-Mart? I guarantee you, she’d rather have a gift card to Starbucks or an inexpensive mani/pedi than anything you’ll find here.  Secondly, if you buy the mom in your life an Olay anti-aging starter pack, you may as well tell her she looks old, wrinkly, and tired. Let’s be honest – the chances are pretty good that the reason Mom looks old, wrinkly, and tired are directly related to you. Do you really want to open up THAT can of worms?

Look, for $34, you could get Mom something that says, “I want you to feel cared for, since you’re always caring for others.” A decent manicure or pedicure runs around that price; often, you can find spa deals on Living Social, Amazon Deals, and Deal Chicken that mean you can give Mom an actual massage or facial without breaking the bank. Yes, I get that giving her a facial seems like you’re sending the same message as the anti-aging cream – don’t worry, you’re not. (The difference is the pampering experience of a facial.)

Bottom line: if you’re shopping for gifts for the mom(s) in your life…maybe bypass this display. Unless you want wrath and hormonal outrage levied upon you.



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