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Spring Forward. I’m Exhausted.

Oh, Spring Forward.

I should appreciate you, for you herald the coming of warm weather, longer days, and the shedding of winter layers. And I do appreciate these gifts of Spring, I really do. But here’s the thing…

I hate you, Spring Forward.

Oh, sure – you make the days seem longer, thanks to the extra sunshine. But, seriously, I don’t know that you’re all that necessary in the modern world. I’m not sure it matters whether not we get an extra hour of sunlight – I mean, if we want an extra hour of light by which to do things, we can just turn on a light. Whenever we want. Which is what we do during the long, dark winter nights – it’s not like that one hour has ever made a difference in how I structure my activities. It is 2014, people!

Losing that one hour means my kids will get up that much earlier. They already get up too early; we don’t need to enable them further. It also means they’ll argue for staying up later, because “it’s not dark yet!” The arguing, the pleading, the gnashing of teeth – why must you torture me?

And, really – the main reason I hate you is because I am not a morning person. I need that extra hour, because I stay up late, getting things done while everyone is asleep (read: not bugging me). I am most productive between the hours of 9pm and 2am, which means my morning alarm comes too soon…even when all of my hours are accounted for. Taking away one precious hour of sleep means Mama Bear is a grumpy grizzly, at least during the morning rush.

So, while I’m appreciative of the coming Spring, I do not appreciate you, Spring Forward. I’m exhausted. Go away.